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Parts for truck tarps

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Money Shot Category Electric Roll Tarps

Manual Roll Tarps, Electric Roll Tarps and Replacement Parts

We sell quality replacement parts for roll tarps and roll tarp systems. We offer products you can count on to provide years of dependable service and keep your commodities safe. Our truck tarps are sewn by hand to ensure straight and tight stitches. The result is a square and even truck tarp that will protect your goods in even the harshest weather conditions.

In addition to traditional roll tarps, we also offer electric tarps that allow you complete control over the truck tarp without having to climb in and out of the cab. Automatic truck tarps are great for drivers who often face quickly changing weather conditions.

We also invite you to visit our Replacement Parts section to buy the truck tarp parts you need at a great low price or fill out a roll up tarp order form for a complete kit.

Don't forget to check out our popular tarp accessories. Bow covers and roll tube deflectors helps prevent damage to your roll tarps. Command-5 remote control kit makes tarping easy, and is capable of controlling multiple roll tarps

You may also fill out our convenient & FREE Quote Form online and we'll call or email you with your quote!

  • Easy to order parts for your existing truck tarps
  • Made in the USA
  • High quality truck tarps sewn with precision
  • Long lasting construction you can depend on.
  • Custom trap fit for your equipment
  • Quick, Easy Installation
  • Time-saving Electric option

Call today! (888) 814-4327

*Lowest price guarantee applies to truck tarps and replacement parts sold on the website. If we offer an item at a lower price within one year of your purchase, we will honor the lowest price and refund you the difference. Please call us for further details.

Roll Tarp Testimonials

Roll Tarping Testimonials

"This is the first electric tarping system I've ever owned and I can't tell you how great it is. When it starts to rain in line at the elevator I just push a button from the cab and my commodities are protected. I just sit back and smile as everyone else is getting wet while closing their manual truck tarps."

Erik N. - Nebraska

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