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Home  »  Electric Motor Kits

Electric Motor Kits

6 items in Electric Motor Kits  

SRT-2® Electric Motor Kit for Roll Tarps

Image for product srt2electricmotorkit

Applications: Farm Trucks, Tender Trailers,Grain Carts, Fertilizer Tender Trailers & Belly Dumps


EZ-LOC® Electric Kit w/Front Cable & Rear Bunji Return

Image for product standardelectricmotorkit

Applications: Semi Trailers & Farm Trucks


ROLTEC® Electric Kit w/ Front & Rear Spring Arm

Image for product roltecspringarmmotorkit

Premium Electric Motor Kit for semi trailers


ROLTEC® Electric Conversion Kit w/Front Spring Arm & Rear Cable Return

Image for product roltecsinglearm

Applications: Trailers with rear discharge augers.


ROLTEC® Electric Hopper Conversion Kits for Trailer/Pup Combos

Image for product electrichoppertrailerpup

Hopper Conversion Kits for Trailer/Pup Combos


ROLTEC® Electric Hopper Conversion Kits for Trailers w/ Electric Tarp

Image for product electrichopperelectrictarp

Hopper Conversion Kits for Trailers with an Electric Tarp